Headset and stem with full cable integration.


120 g (100 mm stem)






Ease of use

A modular cockpit, integrating the cables cleanly, while keeping full adjustability and compatibility to standard parts.

ICH is a modular system consisting of headset and stem, integrating the cables cleanly and keeping them out of view. Because everyone has personal preferences, it is compatible with any handlebar or stem, and suspension fork (MTB Version). It is designed to be easy to work on and not affect your steering in any way.

ICH provides a long list of advantages over other integrated cockpits:

  • Total freedom in fitting – handlebar width, shape and stem length can all be chosen independently, handlebar angle is adjustable
  • Compatible to standard components – ICH does not slot you into using specific parts, you can use any handlebar or stem you like
  • Low SKUs – since stem and handlebar are separate items, there is no need to stock a huge amount of possible handlebar–stem combinations
  • Lower cost for custom fitting – no need to exchange an expensive one-piece cockpit just to change stem length or bar width
  • Lightweight: Contrary to popular belief, most one-piece carbon cockpits are heavier than separate stem and handlebar