Road SL1

One Bike for Every Road



Frame Weight
770 g (raw, size 54)

Fork Weight
315 g (cut to fit size 54)

Seatpost Weight
185 g





The Road SL1 frame is a classic road racing bike. A performance-driven product without any gimmicks. Built to conquer any road from the hairpins of the Alpe d'Huez to the cobblestones of Paris–Roubaix, this carbon frame is the complete package of lightweight, aerodynamics and all-day comfort.

When we started the SL1 project, we wanted to make a road bike. Not a climbing, aero or endurance bike – just the best road bike we could imagine. Because let's be honest, most of us end up riding the same bike most of the time. Even the World Tour riders who can choose from a full fleet of bikes choose one favourite for the majority of the races.

So we started with a classic road bike, optimized for lightweight, efficiency and handling. Then we came up with tube shapes that significantly improve aerodynamics with only minimal impact on weight or stiffness. Last but not least, we made sure the frame can handle tires as big as the brakes allow, for the smoothest ride and fastest rolling speed.

We could make this bike even more aerodynamic, comfortable or lighter. But to get that last few percent in one particular respect, we would have to seriously compromise the others, reducing the overall performance. So yes, this is the best road bike we can do.