160 mm Travel, 29" Wheels.

Wheel Size

Rear Travel
160 mm

Front Travel
160 - 180 mm

Frame Weight
2300 g



Rolling Trails

Technical Trails

Fast Downhills


Faster through rough terrain.

When we head out to the rougher trails to chase our friends or race against competitors, the FS160 is our bike of choice. When exploring the limits of your riding, it is all about confidence. With that in mind, boosting the rider's confidence was the most important criteria for any decision when designing the FS160.

It was designed with the focus set on best downhill performance possible while still providing efficient climbing. With the geometry close to a downhill bike, we kept the chainstays short to provide best manoeuvrability for tight trails typically found in Enduro racing. A burly design and a probably overbuilt layup provide all the stiffness and strength required for some hard riding. 29" wheels and 160 mm of travel create a package that offers maximum downhill capabilities without compromising climbing.

Finer details like the cable routing through the headset, compatibility to bearing-mounted shocks and 2.6" wide tires let you create outstanding bikes based on the FS160 frame.