Road GR1

One Bike for Every Road



Frame Weight
990 g (raw, size M)

Fork Weight
395 g (cut to fit size M)






The Road GR1 is our interpretation of a gravel bike. Built to conquer upaved roads at maximum speed this frame is a very versatile platform that can cover everything from gravel racing to bike packing.

Starting from our popular SL1 design, but with a new focus on gravel riding and extended versatility, the GR1 is a fast and performance driven bike. Massive tire clearance and an adjusted geometry make it a very capable contender on rough roads. But with a good amount of road DNA, this bike is still fast on tarmac, too.

For us, the biggest excitement in riding gravel bikes is when the pavement stops and you can just keep going at the same speed. So we designed the GR1 exactly for that: Going fast. Covering the distance on tarmac as effortlessley as on a road bike, but without being restricted in your choice of roads. Now that intimidating stretch of dirt road along the lake or that  short cut through the woods will become the favorite part of your ride.

You plan a longer trip into more remote areas? We thought of you too. With clearance for massive 700c x 50 tires and mounts for additional storage, you can go for a multi day, self supported trip. With fender and carrier mounts, the GR1 even makes for a great commuter bike.

Do not mistake the GR1 for a trail bike though: we are not trying to make this bike best where a mountainbike is even better. Instead we focussed on making a bike that is at home on gravel roads, without compromising its speed.